Why Join Factern?

We are reactive, lean, and agile. However, we don’t subscribe blindly to these ideologies. We think for ourselves and use the right technique for the job at hand. Above all, we learn and improve every day by following cycles of: plan, execute, evaluate.

Startup Experience

  • Work closely with a small team building big things
  • Earn equity in a growing company
  • Experience the startup ecosystem in Waterloo, Ontario
  • Full benefits and vacation

Leading Edge Technology

  • RxJava
  • ReactJS, React Native
  • AWS, Docker

Open Positions

Backend Developer


  • Engineering highly scalable and available backend software
  • Writing maintainable, well designed, and high quality code
  • Researching and selecting/building appropriate technologies


  • Java
  • Write functional/declarative code rather than imperative code (RxJava)
  • Highly testable code
  • Dependency injection (guice/spring)
  • AWS services including EC2, ECS, Cloudformation, SQS, SNS, RDS, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Elasticsearch
  • JIRA, Git
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery

Other Beneficial Experience

  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
  • Security / cryptography
  • Authorization, authentication
  • DevOps

Interested in working with Factern?

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