Metadata Meta Protocol

The Metadata Meta Protocol (MDMP) has been developed as a universal base protocol for metadata management. It can be implemented by any network operator or service provider, to support any context or situation, using any technology stack. 

The protocol is statement based, with a syntax of actor-target-action. It combines the generality and flexibility of other sentence-based metadata models (like RDF) with the practical requirements for a data sharing and metadata ecosystem which can exist between disparate applications.

MDMP extends RDF-style tuples to include concepts of authorship, ownership and origination, amongst others. It is capable of describing both the evolving real life relationships between data, actors and actions, and the complex "set based" workflow and permissioning models that are used to govern them.

The Fact Table

All statements conforming to MDMP are written to the Fact Table. This acts as a complete and immutable audit log of activity, and can itself be accessed on a permissioned basis.

The Fact Table is a distinct object in the technology architecture, with no knowledge of the entities that act in a data space, and can be split into domains or 'shards' relating to different data spaces, with every domain able to address every other domain (i.e. a form of distributed ledger). 

Technology agnostic, the Fact Table is deliberately simple in design, with a view to being implemented by different MSPs using different technology solutions (including blockchain).

Metadata Service Providers

Metadata Service Providers offer metadata management services (such as the discovery and monetisation of data, permissioning and access management, audit tracking, etc.) to the entities participating in a data space, charging fees for delivering this functionality. 

MSPs operate - and compete - as part of the peer-to-peer network of MSPs that have implemented MDMP, and are therefore able to use the Fact Table to reference data held within data spaces managed by other MSPs in the ecosystem.

Factern operates a hosted, cloud-based MSP, based on its reference implementation of MDMP. Other MSPs can use their own codebase to implement MDMP, or can chose to use a version created by a 3rd party. 

The MDMP Foundation

The MDMP Foundation is intended to govern the evolution of the Metadata Meta Protocol, and to promote the creation and expansion of a peer-to-peer network of Metadata Service Providers.

The Foundation will own the copyright to MDMP and will operate as a not-for-profit, with membership comprising of representatives from the institutions involved. 

Contact us if you are part of an existing foundation that would consider adding the MDMP Project to their roster.