Working with MDMP

Implement MDMP to become a Metadata Service Provider (MSP) or use a third party MSP to capture all metadata related to interactions with regulator-mandated data sharing networks:

  • Complete audit trail for liability management and risk transfer
  • Independently hosted audit trail (if using third party MSP)

Use MDMP as specification language to support 'edge cases', e.g.:

  • Expansion of data scope (e.g. referencing or sharing of static KYC attributes)
  • Implementation of complex permissioning models (e.g. multiparty authorisations, delegated permissioning in a B2B environment, etc.)
  • Interoperability with other data sharing ecosystems (e.g. ‘live’ market, PSF’s trusted SME KYC data sharing, PSD2, etc.)

Draw on MSP functionality to support many-to-many data sharing scenarios, e.g.:

  • 'Onward provisioning', where there is a chain of data consumers linked to a single data access request
  • A single data consumer issuing 'template access requests' that are fulfilled by multiple data sources
  • Discovery of distributed data services (e.g. attestation of data 
  • Implementation of services that enhance agency, data quality and trust (e.g. PIMs, attestation services, secure 3rd party storage)

For more information on PSD2 and Open Banking, read the page on drivers of change in the FAQ section.